AMH blood test

What is an AMH blood test?

The AMH blood test assesses the level of anti Mullerian hormone in a patient’s blood which indicates the number of eggs they have left in their ovaries (known as the ovarian reserve).

The number of eggs declines with age so many are curious to know how fertile they are, especially if they are planning a pregnancy.

If a patient’s ovarian reserve is high this may indicate a better chance of conception, this also depends on the quality of eggs. If the ovarian reserve is low, they may experience difficulties conceiving.

The test is an accurate indicator for a patient’s fertility and is used commonly within many fertility clinics.

How much is the AMH blood test at BPAS Fertility?

The AMH blood test is £150 at BPAS Fertility. If you decide to proceed with fertility treatment with us, we will deduct the cost of the blood test from the pre-treatment test cost.

Is the AMH blood test included in the pre-treatment tests or is it separate?

Yes, if you are having pre-treatment tests to assess the best fertility treatment for you, this will already include the AMH blood test and you will not need to purchase this separately. We recommend the AMH blood test to patients who are not ready to proceed with fertility treatment but would like to assess their fertility. 

Where do I need to take the blood test?

The AMH blood test is done in clinic, we have two clinics that currently offer this service, our London fertility clinic and Peterborough fertility clinic.

Is the AMH blood test different from any other blood test?

In terms of the blood taking process, this is the same as any other blood test you may have had in the past with your GP or at the hospital.

Is the AMH blood test available on the NHS?

Unfortunately the NHS does not fund AMH blood tests.

Do I need to fast before an AMH blood test?

You do not need to fast or do any other preparation before your blood test.

How much blood is taken?

We do not need to take a large sample of blood to test, 2.5ml of blood is all we need.

How will I get my results?

You will receive a phone call with one of our clinicians to discuss your results and what they mean. You can also discuss next steps according to the results of your test. 

What are my options after taking the blood test?

If you are interested in fertility treatment after the blood test, we can help you find the most suitable treatment option for you based on other pre-treatment test results too.

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