Egg Freezing (Oocyte freezing/vitrification)

Egg freezing may be considered for both social and medical reasons. For example, a patient may wish to preserve their fertility as starting a family is not a current consideration or because they are going to undertake some medical treatment which might impact on their fertility in the future.

Within an egg freezing cycle, the patient will take some drugs to stimulate their ovaries to produce a higher number of eggs. These are then collected under conscious sedation for patient comfort.

The eggs will then be observed under the microscope to assess their maturity, as only mature eggs can be frozen. The mature eggs are then vitrified (a form of freezing) and stored until they are required.

At a later date, the eggs can be thawed out and inseminated with sperm to create embryos. These can be transferred to the womb to try to achieve a pregnancy.

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