Ovulation Induction (OI)

What and who is it for?

OI involves taking fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation and timing sexual intercourse to maximise the chances of achieving a pregnancy. This treatment is useful for patients who have irregular cycles or no cycles at all, for example those with severe polycystic ovarian syndrome. For OI to successful, the patient must have open fallopian tubes and their partner must have a normal semen analysis.

How does it work?

During treatment, the ovaries are scanned to make sure they are responding to the drugs. The patient can test for natural ovulation by using home testing kits, or they can take an injection to induce ovulation. Around time of ovulation, the patient can have regular sexual intercourse or have intrauterine insemination of partner or donor sperm (see IUI page for information regarding this).

What are the features and benefits?

OI is an effective treatment for those whose only fertility issues are with ovulation or irregular periods. It is a low risk and minimally invasive treatment which is much lower in cost than IVF treatments.

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