Success rates

Success rates

Success rates of the service/clinic are published by the HFEA and usually form part of the information many patients consider when looking for a clinic. It is important to know though, when seeking success rates, there are limitations to understanding those success rates when comparing them to your own specific experience or options. There are many factors which have an effect on the rates of a fertility service such as

  • Numbers of clients who have used the service
  • The mix of clients’ fertility needs (age, cause of infertility etc.)
  • The treatment they can provide and the particular practices of the service.

Some clinics will only provide care to patients with the best chances of success; as a not-for-profit service BPAS fertility has been created to help patients who may not otherwise receive NHS funding. We will talk to you honestly about your own challenges and potential outcomes and will not offer unevidenced, sometimes costly, “add-ons” to increase a patients chance of success.

BPAS Fertility is a new service. We will publish our success rates as soon as we are able. If you would like to talk to us about success rates during this period, please email

Choosing the right clinic for your particular needs is very important when seeking fertility care. A good relationship with your fertility team is a key ingredient to positive experience. There are many things to consider when researching and selecting a fertility service/clinic. Here at BPAS Fertility we are evidence-based in our approach and will provide any information you need to help in your decision.

When considering your options for fertility services you may want to consider, cost, success rates, patient ratings and the location of the service. The HFEA has a very good section Choose a clinic which can also aid you with information to help you.