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Consultation and investigations

What to Expect

All care at BPAS Fertility starts with a conversation.

Your care will involve a variety of appointments, either face-to-face or via a video call. If you are starting treatment in one of our satellite units, you may need to visit our main treatment hub in London for some of your appointments.

Virtual Consultation

Before you have a virtual consultation, you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire to allow us to tailor the appointment to you. You will meet with a BPAS Fertility clinical expert who will talk through your medical history and the care you can access with us. There is no charge for the first virtual appointment.


Following your virtual consultation, you may be asked to come in for some investigations, such as a blood test, scan and semen analysis, to allow us to individualise your care.

Baseline Scan

This is an internal (trans-vaginal) scan to assess the health of the uterus (womb), the womb lining, and ovaries, and to check for any abnormalities that may affect your treatment.

It is preferable to perform a trans-vaginal scan because it gives a more accurate picture of your anatomy. However, if you have concerns, please speak to a member of our clinical team.

Blood Tests

We may arrange some blood tests to gain more information about your reproductive cycle, ovarian reserve, and any other hormone issues. We may request other specific investigations based on your individual medical history, to be able to have a full picture of your reproductive health.

Assessment of the fallopian tubes

In some cases, it might be necessary to assess abnormalities in the fallopian tubes. A HyCoSy is a trans-vaginal ultrasound procedure recommended in suspected fallopian tube blockage occlusion due to a history of pelvic inflammatory diseases, sexually transmitted infections, previous ectopic pregnancy, or endometriosis. This procedure involves the use of a dye (contrast agent) specially designed for use with this type of test. It is safe and will not affect future fertility or have any effect on the fallopian tubes.

Semen analysis

The results of a semen analysis will allow us to assess if there is sperm in the ejaculate and if so, what treatment options are best suited for you.

In-person Consultation

Once we have the results of your tests and investigations, we will arrange an in-person consultation with one of our clinical fertility specialists, where we can discuss your options for treatment.

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Get in touch

If you would like to know more information or wish to book a consultation, get in touch.

Phone lines are open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
If there is no answer, a member of the team will call you back. 

Complete the request a call back form above and our fertility team will call you within 1 working day to discuss the best treatment option for you.